Technology has come through! Today, with our amazing app, you can have us build an online virtual customized training plan for you – a program that uploads on your smartphone and follows you to the gym.

This app allows you to access your training program anytime, presents precise instructional videos to guide you and allows you to track your progress and stay on track. Your trainer reviews your progress and tweaks your training plan until you get the results you set out!

How to get started:

1. Ask any trainer on our team about our online program.

2. After your trainer initially sets up your personalized online program or after every time he adjusts it, you will receive an alert by e-mail guiding you to:

a) Access your account. 

b) Begin your (new) training program.

This is what you can expect from such a program and our app – You will be able to:

  • Follow your training plan and track your progress easily
  • Follow your workouts with guiding videos and instructions on your phone, tablet or on your computer.
  • Message your trainer questions about your training plan
  • Have your trainer review your progress
  • Have your trainer do adjustments to your training plan
  • Reach your fitness goals faster with more flexible and affordable training options

client transformations

At QPersonalTrainer, we trainers take great pride in providing our clients with the best service, tools, and knowledge to help them create breakthrough transformations!

  • “Through the application of just a few simple rules, I lost 20 pounds in one month and have never experienced so much energy and mental clarity.” Abraham Dahan
  • “Overall so far, I lost 25 pounds in about 2 months training with Daniel. He is truly the motivational trainer I was looking for.” Melanie Zeller
  • “I lost 25 lbs. while strengthening my core, cardio capacities and developing significant muscle mass and definition. ” Patrick Elharrar